Long-Term Corporate Strategy Formation & Implementation
  • Long-term strategy for 'P' steel corporation
  • Long-term strategy and implementation program for 'B' construction group
  • Corporate strategy and implementation for 'S' textile company
  • Long-term strategy for 'S' chemical company
  • Long-term strategy for 'K' educational institute
  • Environment analysis and scenario plan in 21st century for 'D' financial group
  • Industry analysis and long-term management strategy for 21st century of 'P' steel corporation
  • Steel demand forecast (1999 - 2010) in Korea for Korea Steel Association
  Internet Business Strategy Establishment & Implementation
  • Strategy formulation & implementation of B2B e-Commerce solution business for 'M' Company (USA)
  • Analysis of the Korean telecommunication market and partner search for 'E' company (USA)
  • Establishment of the business strategy & operation plan of the cartoon portal site for 'I' Group (Japan)
  • Business planning of the global vertical B2B site of PC industry for 'V' consulting firm (USA)
  • Long-term business strategy formulation of on-line / off-line entertainment business for 'E' company
  • Business planning & incubation of B2B e-Commerce system for 'E' interior group
  • Business planning & incubation of on-line copyright management system for 'M' group (Japan)
  Industry/Market Analysis
  • Long-term forecast of iron & steel demand (1999-2010)
  • Market analysis of Korean wooden furniture
  • Analysis of the LED industry in Korea
  • Analysis of the Korean color sheet market
  • Study on the Korean auto parts industry
  • Market analysis of imported medical equipment
  • Analysis of Korean apparel market/industry
  • Market analysis of the Korean home video market
  • Market analysis of the sports equipments
  • Analysis of the high-ends glassware and crystal products market
  • Study of upscale specialty products in Korea
  • Analysis of Korean cosmetics market
  • Analysis of the Korean lady's underwear market
  • Market study of the theme parks in Korea
  • Analysis and study of Korean consulting business
  • Analysis of Korean precious metal and jewelry market
  • Market strategy for CATV pay channel
  • Analysis and entry strategy of the optical fiber industry
  • Market analysis of the Korean fur goods
  • Market Analysis of the Korean food industry
  • Analysis of the Korean telecommunication market
  • Analysis of the camera market in Korea
  • Home electronics market analysis in Korea
  • Price elasticity and consumer behavior survey in cellular phone market
  • Wage market research and analysis
  Business & Operation Planning
  • Business plan for the food court in a department store
  • Business plan for discotheque in a hotel
  • Business plan for a privately-financed railroad station
  • Business plan and operation manuals for a barbecue restaurant
  • Business plan for a spaghetti house
  • Marketting consulting and jeweler education for 'D; jewelry company
  • Business plan to establish a joint venture corporation for 'S' trading company
  • Business & operation plan for an electronic part manufacturer
  Merger & Acquisition
  • M&A of 'S' semiconductor company (buyer representative)
  • M&A of 'H' lease company (seller representative)
  • M&A of 'C' merchant bank (buyer representative)
  • M&A of 'K' life insurance company (seller representative)
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