i-Group Inc.
이태리 무역대표부의 국내 귀금속 보석 시장 분석 및 진출전략 수립

– Executive Summary
  1. Overview of Korean Jewelry Market
    1. Market Segmentation
    2. Market Segment Overview
    3. Market Structure
    4. Market Size & Growth
  2. Characteristics of Korean Jewelry Market
    1. Consumer Behavior by Market Segments
    2. Market Concentration
    3. Market Restructuring
    4. Problems in Korean Market
  3. Distribution System
    1. Distribution Structure and Channel
    2. Margin Structure by Product
    3. Major Distribution Centers in Korea
  4. Market Competition
    1. Major Players in the Market
    2. Profile of Major Players
    3. Market Positioning
  5. Government Policies and Regulations
    1. Liberalization of Jewelry Market
    2. Taxes and Duties
    3. Future government Policy
  6. Key Success Factors in Korean Market
    1. Entry Strategy into the Korean Jewelry Market
      1. Entry Strategy Structure
      2. SWOT Analysis for Entry Strategy Establishment
      3. Entry Strategy and Strategic Thrust
      4. Market Development Phase
      5. Italian Brands in Japanese Market